Staten Project

(E52/2648) - Encounter 100%

The Staten project is located in the Shire of Upper Gascoyne and the Shire of Meekatharra, some 80kms SE of Mt Augustus in Western Australia. The project is situated on the southern margin of the Bangemall Basin in a geological setting that is considered prospective for unconformity style uranium mineralisation and for stratabound and fault related base metals deposits.

A reconnaissance field trip to the tenement area has taken place, including a small rock chip sampling program was completed along a 200m section of the +10km long radiometric anomaly at Staten Hill. An interesting multi-element anomaly in U-Ag-Cu-Mo-Ni-Zn was noted within a highly altered and sheared siltstone. This metal association highlights a potentially extensive area of metal enrichment along a key stratigraphic horizon. A systematic program of ground geochemistry and geophysics is planned.